Wednesday, September 14, 2005

samoan bruce lee

hey everyone! hope you're all doing well. i found this clip today from another blog (click the link to visit). everytime i watch it, i can't help but crack up. i don't know who the guy is, but he has the heart to keep trying before he keels over!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Six daughters one dream - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper

Six daughters one dream - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper

a nice story about a samoan family. the mother provided the inspiration and the daughters kicked ass to attend a top flight college. the latest daughter to graduate has her sights on law school. it's nice to read about these success stories. like i tell my little 6yr old, anything is possible!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

ManuaTele - News & Views

ManuaTele - News & Views

this article discusses how the pacific has become a gold mine for army recruiters. here's a snippet:

"The Army has found fertile ground in the poverty pockets of the Pacific. The per capita income is $8,000 in American Samoa, $12,500 in the Northern Marianas and $21,000 in Guam, all United States territories. In the Marshalls and Micronesia, former trust territories, per capita incomes are about $2,000."

political issues aside, the army is tempting when you consider the potential per capita income for islanders. i think that recruiting prospects are typically greater in any area where low incomes/poverty is a real issue.

what also seems at least coincidental is how the gov't sometimes forgets about these low income/poverty stricken areas that contribute greatly to wartime efforts during times of peace. of course, this isn't always the case, but it does happen and i have relatives that can attest to this. i also have relatives that have done very well for themselves as a result of serving in the military.

in any case, recruiting in the pacific does raise some ethical issues, but on the other hand, it could also be viewed as a source of income, needed benefits and a general opportunity for those that are in need. Pig head turns up in grass at Tarrywile Pig head turns up in grass at Tarrywile

anyone know if there's any truth to this article which says that samoans have a custom whereby they leave a pig's head at a grave in memory of the deceased? my mom lives far away and its a bit late to call her right now to ask but in any case, i've never head of this being done before. most of the samoans i know, including myself, would rather eat the head too! ;) (sorry, a little pig head humor...)

take care!

Friday, July 29, 2005

South Valley inspires historic literature

came across this article about fanny stevenson's (wife of robert louis stevenson) home in gilroy that she built shortly after her husband passed away. here's a blurb from the article:

"Stevenson named her home “Vanumanutagi,” which is Samoan for “Vale of the Singing Birds,” Barratt told guests. As if to accentuate her point, a bird hidden in the nearby redwood trees let out a warble."

happy reading!

The Land Has Eyes

came across this film that's opening today in american samoa.

the film is situated in rotuma, fiji, and according to the director, Samoans were the first inhabitants, according to his island's oral traditions. the movie also stars rena owen from once were warriors. the film has won a top award at the maori film festival.

click the link to head to the website.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

IGN: Doom Trailer, Videos and Movies

IGN: Doom Trailer, Videos and Movies

hey everyone! just a quick note that the trailer for doom is up. for any of you that have played doom, there's a clip of the rock using the BFG. not sure how this movie will turn out but in any case, here's the trailer! take care!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The San Francisco Aloha Festival presented by the Pacific Islanders' Cultural Association

The San Francisco Aloha Festival presented by the Pacific Islanders' Cultural Association

for those of you in the bay area, the sf aloha festival is coming up in a few weeks at the presidio on 8/6 and 8/7. i'm going to try and make it this year if i can. i go every year and its a blast. good food, good people and good music. the weather has been pretty nice in SF too every year that i've went and its been an overall good time for me each year.

i guess my only request would be for the group to change the name of the event from "The San Francisco Aloha Festival" to maybe "The San Francisco Polynesian Festival"? the festival includes performances from tahiti, samoa, etc., so i thought it would be appropriate. anyway, my 2 cents, yeah?

if i do end up going, i'll take pics and will post them. take care y'all!

Samoan Art and Artists: O Measina a Samoa

i just bought this book and received it yesterday from amazon. of course, i haven't finished reading it yet but its been a good read so far, and a great deal for the amount of info you get. the book has information on a variety of samoan art from canoes, to siapo, to rap artists. again, great reading so far and very hard to put down. pick it up if you get a chance.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Celebrating Freedom: Justice Finally Achieved for Victims of Human Trafficking in American-Samoa

i haven't had a chance to read this article completely yet as it's rather long, but i wanted to post it before i forget. in short, it's a heart wrenching story about 300 young women that were enslaved by a Korean garment factory owner in american samoa, Kil Soo Lee, and, a reporter's efforts in freeing these women.

here's an excerpt:

"...a stunning Vietnamese woman from Northern Vietnam who’d just been taken out of American Samoa through the help of a Baptist church in Hawaii. Truong Thi Le Quyen -- later she called herself Quyen Truong -- was just 21 years old at the time, yet, as I would come to learn, she’d already experienced great hardship and tragedy. The most obvious physical affliction of the emotional, physical and mental agony was easy to see. Her eye, covered with a large white bandage, had been poked out with a stick by a guard after Kil Soo Lee had marked Quyen as a 'troublemaker' in the factory because she dared to complain about the conditions and lack of food. "

doom -- the movie

happy sunday (night) everyone!

i came across some pics for the new doom movie starring dwayne johnson. i never watched him much while he was wrestling but since having seen a few of his movies, i have to say that dwayne is pretty darn talented.

i'm curious to see how the movie will turn out. i loved the video game, from doom 3 right down to the first doom video game. i'll be sure to go and see it though, either at the theater or by buying the movie. need to support our island brothas in the struggle!

anyway, i thought some of you guys may enjoy the pics, courtesy of click the link above to see the rest.

i came across this website about the siapo artform. there's a lot of nice pieces at this website but probably my most favorite come from wilson fitiao.

this pic is one of his works and it's beautiful. take a look at the website when you get a chance. i wish there was someone out here in my area that teaches this.

SAN FRANCISCO / Cultural issues in murder case / Man who confessed is acquitted

SAN FRANCISCO / Cultural issues in murder case / Man who confessed is acquitted

an sf jury acquitted a man who had confessed to murder after the defense argued that he had falsely admitted to the crime while acting out his cultural role as a matai in covering for a family member.

my parents live not too far from this area where the crime took place and to say its a tough area would be putting it mildly.

the most annoying point of this article is an investigator paying the accusser (whom is the nephew of the acquitted man) $100 after accusing his uncle of the crime. the investigator acknowledged the payment during the trial saying that "he felt sorry".